From VJ To You


I am VJ.  I will be blogging about some subjects and conversations that will prompt you to have those difficult but necessary conversations with your family and friends.  These conversations are necessary to build and open up the dialogue that will hopefully lead you into a sense of emotional satisfaction.  When we can be honest with ourselves about who we are, where we come from, and our journey, we can be honest with the rest those people that can benefit from that experience.

I will be sharing my experiences in hopes that some experience that I have had as a young adult, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and a survivor of Lupus, Diabetes, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette Syndrome and a person with learning disabilities.  My hobby is photography, so the pictures that you will see are often taken by me.

Learning about who we are can sometimes be stressing and at the age of 52, I personally have come to the realization that I am in control of my destiny only with complete disclosure.  The impact that I have on those persons that I communicate with and lives that I have a direct impression on, depends on my beliefs, prejudices, emotional status, and so much more.

I hope that what I share with you will be a learning experience for us all.  We must not judge each other because our minds have an abrupt line to our mouth.  Remember that emotions are built in the shape of a triangle; my side, your side, and the truth.  Anyone of the aforementioned parts of the triangle can end up on top depending on how you look at it.