Billy’s Dead & Worth More Dead Than Alive

Disclaimer Billy is NOT a real person and he is not in my family

Why do dead people get better treatment than the living, now matter how terrible they might have been.  Don’t get me wrong, we all fall short of the glory of the Lord.  But let’s keep it real.

Let’s take Billy for instance. Billy was a deadbeat dad and womanizer who was never faithful to his wife. But when Billy died his girlfriend of 20 years did not get to attend the funeral because the wife was in charge. The kids he had with the girlfriend were not acknowledged by the wife so they too were omitted from the program

Billys sister wouldn’t buy him a 2-liter Pepsi or a pair of jeans but when he died she went shopping and got him a brand new suit but Billy will never see that  suit.

The daughter that wouldn’t give Bill a ride in her car now has “In memory of Billy” in big bold letters on the back window.

Everyone is walking around with “RIP Billy” tee shirts like the were giving them away half off at the dollar store.  Billy needed rest and peace when he was living.

That neice of his who wouldn’t even speak to Billy has the nerve to read the family acknowledgements  He’s being eulogized by a preacher that he has never met in a church he didn’t attend.

Billy’s obituary read that he was educated in the local school district but everybody knew that his education didn’t go beyond 5th grade. It also read that he was a loving father and devoted husband. But Billy was devoted to that girlfriend and Gin.

Billy begged the kids to put their feelings aside and come spend time with him but no visit when he was sick. Since he’s been dead his son sits at the grave sight for hours at a time. When Billy was living his son passed by his broken down home everyday on the way to see the mother of his children and kids that Billy would never meet.  Somehow through the Grace of God they would sit on the front row at the funeral dressed like it was Sunrise Service on Easter.

They even spread ashes over him and you know that would have pissed him off because he didn’t want the ashes, he wanted the cigarettes.

All of the family that had to be dragged away from the coffin seemed to get themselves together enough to be at the repast early to serve that food in tiny servings as if everyone ate like a child.  Then we have the greedy grave grievers who come to the repast just to eat and socialize bearly knowing the deceased.

At this time I would ordinarily say “poor Billy” but the truth of the matter is that Billy lived like a poor man, died like a king and in death he left someone well off

But I would bet that if Billy knew he could have all that good stuff he would have tried his best to be here to enjoy it.

It stands to reason that although Billy had his faults and may not have even mattered much to many Billy made an impression in this world and for that alone he deserved respect. One could ask Billy how he liked all the attention but now they will never know because dead men don’t talk

Respect individuals for what they have brought into this world and know that everyone has a predetermined destiny to fulfill. That quick impression that Billy made when he crossed your path might seem important for years to come but when it does you’ll validate the reflection and say “that guy named Billy said that would happen”

RIP Billy