And The Reality Is……

Disclaimer:  (1) I don’t hate Reality TV.  (2) I do think that we all could benefit by being more careful about where we put our money (=ratings).  (3) It is not my intent to prove that my family values should equate to yours. (4) This is opinion, not fact (5) This is not about you and your family (6) There is a reality TV show about nearly everything but there will be another one right around the corner to raise the bar. (7) I never intended for you to believe that I am grammatically correct.

A Peeping Tom is a person who peeps through windows and other viewable areas to invade your privacy. A stalker is someone who intentionally pursues you for one reason or another.  So my question is when did the World get so full of stalkers and Peeping Toms, and when was it legalized, I’m sorry “legitimized.” OH THAT’S RIGHT ITS CALLED REALITY TV NOW.

What is it about watching other people’s obviously scripted and dramatized life that sucks you in until you get to the point that you know the characters as well as your family members and sometimes begin to act like the characters.  You do realize that this is not real, just bad acting and good production.  Maybe we could spend more time learning about our own family rather than getting to know someone who is getting rich based on our need to live like someone else who is being showcased.  It’s like watching the dummy in a department store window.

I’m sure critics would say that’s no different than watching a soap opera or a drama series.  Others might say “its comical” My response would be that I know those are actors have been through theater schooling and often times the producer has one theme in mind. Reality TV it’s the equivalent of saying “smile for the camera” and everyone puts on a smiling face until you put the camera down. I think the reality is that the Reality TV show characters ARE PRETENDING TO BE REAL sensationalizing and undercutting the value of true actors while lowering the bar of family standards.  I know that some of the feelings and situations are real but surely the results are for dramatization. No family is perfect and they probably don’t want to be a “cookie cutter family”  but can the reality be encouraging?

My question is: Do you really believe it? What do you think the characters did before their reality tv show?  Are they just broke? Are they dramatizing so that they can raise the bar by constantly arousing your curiosity about limitations? Are they desensitizing the meaning of family life?  Even the churches have reality TV. WHAT? If religion is sacred then why is there a need to be on display?  Who’s acting? [that’s another blog]

Our children begin to mimic the kids on TV and so do the other members of the family.  Why are we letting reality TV stars dictate how we live.  Make your own way, down your own path, instead of looking in the window at someone else, TAKE A SELFIE and look at you.  Can we exchange some of the time spent on reality TV in exchange for time with the reality of our own family?

I used to watch the old soap operas like “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital”.  I would rush to be home by 2:00 to watch and if I couldn’t I would record it.  One day I woke up and figured out that I was spending too much of my time watching TV.  I felt I was being less productive [that’s another blog]

I just want to know what’s real and what’s Reality?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Just post in the comments section here.

Future Topics: WNBA: “why do some think they are all gay?” “What’s in the backyard of your glass house?” What’s ILL about illegitimate?” “Should men be in the driver’s seat?” “Grooming the game?”

One thought on “And The Reality Is……”

  1. I feel that a lot of the Tv and reality shows like black ink and empire are meant to divide black people and black families…as you said a lot of ppl act like the ppl in these shows and the character that they adopt makes it hard for them to maintain jobs and a family because of who the choose to act like… Most of these shows I believe are meant to keep black people down(not that white people don’t watch also).

    I personally can live without Tv/reality tv!


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