Not In 2018

As this year begins and this is a new Blog and I am also a new blogger.  I need to do some housekeeping. Please understand:

  1. This is a personal journey.
  2. This blog is not about you… it’s about me.
  3. I will not be mentioning any names on this blog.
  4. I will not respond to negativity.  If you have a lot of feelings that you need to get off your chest, then maybe you should start a blog too.
  5. I mentioned on the first blog that this is from my perspective and ONLY my experiences and feelings. If there is something on your mind about me or this blog then I prefer that you directly contact me right away so that I can avoid the negativity later on.
  6. You always have the option to unsubscribe or to block the content.
  7. Again my life is like a balloon, I’m going up and I don’t need your string to keep me down.  Let go.
  8. For those of you who would like to come along for the ride and you don’t have any baggage…let’s get on the road

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