Fam·i·ly ˈfam(ə)lē/ loves you unconditionally without prejudice

Let’s talk about family and what it means or does not mean to me. Family loves and family is bounded by trust and acceptance.

My family is what God gave me and made me a part of.  It’s up to me how good or bad they treat me.  Sometimes in the past things have not gone well because I have done wrong, sometimes betraying someone’s confidence, even if it is in the best interest of that family member.  At times I feel like I’m doing the right thing but is later apparent that it might not have been my place to be the judge and jury.  In such a case I am guilty not just of betraying confidence but too concerned about others and trying to do what families do.  Family loves family and there are times when we make that borderline decision on whether to cross the line or live with the fact that you could have made a difference.

On another note, families are forgetful.  We forget where we’ve come from and only remember what we have right now. We forget the good things and remember all the bad things. We may be too quick to question the point of how the cowboy got in the quicksand before you save him i.e., we need to stop looking at where other family members are and how they got there before deciding to judge.  When we do judge, it should be remembered that we all came into this world the same way (with nothing) and we will leave the same way (with nothing) and everything in between is a matter of circumstance.

Having family means more to me when we can be honest with each other.  My siblings and I will have an argument so bad that you would think that we would never speak again but we get our feelings out and somehow we always end up as close as ever. I’d much rather have that scenario than to have backbiting and negativity. We have to learn to communicate even if it means you may not feel good about the outcome of the situation as long as the conversation can help us to move forward.

Here’s the thing with family though, why must we hurt each other before we help each other.  How about trying to see what you can do before you tell me what you can’t do?   We all know anything is possible.

A family is not who I was born with…it’s who will die for me.

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